Another Linux tablet, HDR gaming & Linux malware

Another Linux tablet, HDR gaming & Linux malware


Episode description

Check out Thunderbird’s complete redesign (it became my email / calendar client of choice):

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00:00 Intro

00:50 New Linux tablet from Purism

05:44 Linux malware ran rampant for 3 years

08:51 Plasma 6 and 5.27 updates

15:37 XFCE unveils a Wayland roadmap

19:10 Sponsor: Thunderbird

20:38 GNOME weekly updates

25:25 New OpenSUSE rolling release distro, LMDE 6, and Ubuntu encryption

29:07 GNOME 45 RC is out

31:39 Linux drivers and performance updates

36:28 Gaming News: HDR gaming, Steam Deck sale

41:29 Outro