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I use :vim:
I use

@tlenewspodcast I love fediverse! The fact that I can follow your #podcast here on #mastodon and I can’t even tell that it’s coming from another site is just so cool! :fediverse: :prami_contented: Oh, and nice podcast as well mate :linus: :mastodance:


@tlenewspodcast Mastodon losing users seemed inevitable to me, considering the majority of people "going on strike" from Twitter would eventually realize that a million or so people using a different platform wouldn't make Musk magically go away lol. It was nice seeing this place get so much publicity though, and I bet many will still stay.

Koshka Ivanova

@tlenewspodcast It is great idea to have decentralized social media platforms which respect digital privacy. Not only Mastodon, we should also support other fediverse members such as Peertube and Pixelfed.